The Historic Hampton House Community Trust, Inc. thanks  its sponsors for their generosity toward this Luncheon. You helped to make our efforts a success. We are grateful to you for your support.

Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, District 3
Dr.& Mrs. Harry L. Coaxum, Roswell, Georgia, Former Honoree
B and B Professional Consultant, Inc. (Cecilia Stewart)
Jessie Trice Community Health Center (Isabella Rosete)
Dr. & Mrs. Larry D. Capp
Dr. Richard J. Strachan
Dorothy & Harold S. Williams, M.D., Former Honoree
Mayor John and Jane Marks, Tallahassee, Florida, Former Honoree
Betty T. Ferguson
Bonnie Hariston Enterprises, Baltimore, Maryland
City Monument Company
Dr. Enid & Frank Pinkney
James and Ada Cole
Juanita B. Johnson
Ruby Rayford
Ronold Blocker, Orlando, Florida, Former Honoree
Commissioner Dorothy ”Dottie” Johnson, City of Opa locka


May 22, 2014
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